The Celeste Marbella logo was inspired by La Alhambra, Granada. By discovering new places we feed our brain with images and thoughts - this affects our conscious and unconscious mind. ¨I knew why I was doing the logo - what I didn’t know was that I had already studied it during my trip to La Alhambra¨ - Dolores Requena

Logo Procedure

Magazine - AD Design made for Society Magazine - Marbella, Spain

Connoisseur International Magazine

Magazine - AD Design made for Connoisseur International Magazine - Sweden

The graphic design & production of the the book has been made… And it’s not just a book - its the story of our project from start to finish (at least part 1) I had the pleasure to work for my client who has given me the freedom to do as i wanted… Its like saying: Go and spoil yourself, i trust you 100% ​​​​​​​
I meet a lot of people during the process including the architect, the 3D render company, the lawyer, the web developer, We also went to the Connoisseur Magazine event (where I was the lucky winner of a riffle for a luxury stay at La Mamounia) and much more… but mainly I was able to print the book with all the finishings that I had imagined.​​​​​​​

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This project is much more than what it looks or feels:
its all the passion and hours spent ✨

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